Pennsylvania State Inspection & Emissions Testing

Ridpath's Auto Center has performed PA State Certified Emissions & Inspection testing for over 35 years! Our attention to detail is second to none, and we offer the most flexible auto repair options in Delaware County. Our automotive staff will educate you about your vehicle troubles, and will provide a multitude of options for your schedule and repair. Complete customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business reputation, so when it comes to getting your vehicle back on the road, you can guarantee that Ridpath's Auto Center will do it quickly, efficiently, and in the most convenient & cost effective manner for your personal situation. Ridpath's Auto Center has been there for all you're automotive needs since 1981!

PA State Inspection

Emissions & Safety Inspection Program: Pennsylvania

Two 2002 lawsuits initiated by the Clean Air Council and Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future expedited implementation of the U.S. Environmental Agency (EPA) standard for emissions inspection procedures.

PENNDOT and DEP agreed to settle the above lawsuits in May of 2003 over the PA program for automobile emissions testing. The state's emissions testing program was brought into compliance with federal air quality standards. The change resulted in better air quality for our community, while having unnoticeable change on Pennsylvania drivers.

OBD, or on-board diagnotics are now heavily relied upon as a result of these lawsuits. Vehicles manufactured since 1996 feature this technology, which allows an automotive mechanic to download emissions inspection information from an on-board computer built into a vehicle. This technology helps auto technicians to easily diagnose engine malfunctions that can lead to increased pollution.

FAQ: PA Inspection & Emissions Testing

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How much does your inspection service cost?

The fees associated with emissions and safety inspections are typically driven by the automotive market. However, Ridpath's Auto Center has been providing the same low prices and flexible customer options for many years. Our emissions and safety inspection services are driven by our customer first approach and our ability to present you with multiple options to get back on the road within your schedule and budget.

When am I required to have my vehicle inspected?

Once per year. Vehicles are inspected annually. Drivers simply need to check their emissions and safety inspection stickers on their vehicle to find the month in which your vehicle is to be inspected. Emissions inspections can be performed by any PA state certified automotive shop or automobile dealer.

What's different between inspection & emissions testing?

The PA State Safety inspection is an overall "safety" check of dozens of hardware componets on a vehicle. The PA State Emission inspection is a computerized analysis of the vehicle's on board emission system and overall exhaust output.

What is checked for a PA state inspection?

Brakes, tires, suspension, exhaust, engine mounts, windows and windshields. Lighting, handles and locks, wiper systems, seatbelts, fuel lines, brake lines, and overall vehicle integrity are also inspected for proper operation during this procedure.

What is checked for an emissions test?

Most modern vehicles receive a newer style OBD plug in emissions test. The computer analyzes the onboard emissions system and determines pass or fail. The fuel cap is also checked for seal integrity.

What if my vehicle fails inspection or emissions testing?

You will be required to repair any vehicle components to state standards that fail an emissions or safety inspection. Your vehicle will not be road legal until this repairs are made.

Is anything required for inspection/emissions testing?

You simply need to provide your vehicle registration and proof of insurance. That's it!

Should Ridpath's perform my inspection & emissions?

Absolutely! Ridpath's Auto Center has been performing Emissions and Safety Inspection testing in the Springfield, Pennsylvania area for nearly 40 years! Our reputation of quality and trust has been forged from years of providing emissions and safety inspection customers flexible options and fair pricing. If you are on the fence about bringing your vehicle to Ridpath's, we recommend you view our Customer Testimonials and judge for yourself. We also suggest you give us a call at (610) 544-2828. Michael Ridpath and his courteous staff are happy to answer any of your questions. We have built our name on honesty and integrity in the automotive repair industry for over 3 decades.

Ridpath's Auto Center provides automotive repair services services to Springfield, PA and surrounding Delaware County areas. If your vehicle requires PA safety inspections & emissions testing, we encourage you to call us today at (610) 544-2828, or CONTACT US. Also, be sure to stop by our Car Care Tips Blog to learn more about how to keep your vehicle performing it's best. We look forward to assisting you in the future with your automotive repairs. For All Your Automotive Needs - Since 1981.